June 13, 2011

A needed surprise

Today was a rather stressful day at work. I could not wait for 5:30 pm to happen from the moment I walked in the door. As I walked out and checked my text messages, my face lit up. The Boy informed me that a package from the UK was waiting for me. I know only one person from there. My friend Cindy had moved there, among other countries in the past few years, and I miss her dearly. Hopefully I’ll get my act in gear and head there in a few years. She just needs to stick to one country. :)

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I got the best birthday card ever. One of her sons drew me his interpretation of what roller derby is. I think it’s a pretty accurate representation, don’t you?


She also sent me some dried plants from the UK. Seen here are cider flower, bluebells, blackthorn, and hawthorn. I see a shadowbox in their future. The bluebells aren’t really that bright, but I love what my camera did to them.


Also since she knows my love of all things cello she gave me two CD’s. Rasputina: Great American Gingerbread and Christine Gunn: Voice of the tree. I‘m listening to Rasputina first of course. Couldn’t help myself. Before Cindy moved for the first time we went to a Rasputina concert together. We had a wonderful time bonding and she showed me the greatness that is two cellos and a drum kit. Thank you again Cindy <3. Miss you!


  1. Wow ~ what a sweet end to a stressful day. I love the card and the pressed botanical at so very beautiful! Cindy is a good friend, I can tell. :)

  2. That she is. I couldn't be luckier :)