September 30, 2010

Summer Love

This year has been full of weddings and people getting engaged. so much love around me. One wedding in particular was very special. My brother Eric married the love of his life, Kendra. It took 26 years, but I finally have a sister. I got to be in the wedding party and she chose a great dress for us that we can wear again. Thank you!

Now on to some pictures.
Here is the garter that I knit for her. Eventually I will have a finished photo but I was too distracted that week with preparations.
The day before the ladies of the wedding party went to the spa. I had a body scrub, which felt great. My skin was so soft afterwards! 


There was minimal prepartion to make her into a lovely bride :)


There was a cermony (that I don't have photos of since I was in it), the cake was cut! That cake was one of the best cakes I've ever tasted!

Then we all danced till we dropped.

We had a toast of Bailey's to welcome her to the Rooney Women!

And they Lived Happily Ever After.
The End.

September 28, 2010

New home!

I know it's a bit plain right now but it's a layout I want and it's free. That's what matters. I can also change it at will. So change your bookmarks. I'm staying here now. :) You will see more changes as I move along and get it to be just how I want. I'm glad I found a way to import all my posts from Wordpress.

September 21, 2010

Zombie's vs. Robots!

So I edited a lot of photos that have been sitting on my computer and in my camera so you will finally see some updates!

This summer we had a fun bout for the Indie Arts fest. It was an absolute blast. We were running low on players for the event but we made do with what we had. In each jam there were only 3 blockers instead of 4 to make up for the lack of players. Boy did it make us tired but it was worth it. It was also my first scrimmage since my knee injury. I was definately running low on stamina but I made it through.



Anyway, It was a very close bout. Harpie couldn't attend, but she made us some awesome zombie panties for the bout. the pivot stripe was made of brains and the jammer star had an eye. She is so creative. =) The robots were beautifully shiny. We all played hard and it led to a score of 60 to 61, with the Robots winning. It was a close game and the fans had a blast. It really was a fun time.

Afterwards the merch table was swamped, we got to talk to a lot of new derby fans, and I felt honored to be in some pictures with them. It was my first public bout and it felt great. I headed home before Waterfire but the rest of the girls from our league got to lead the torch lighting procession. They looked awesome doing it. Thanks to everyone that showed up and thanks to Sis Boom Bonnie for organizing an amazing time!

Can I also tell you how entertaining it was to see animals come out to dance?

I only posted some photos but if you go to the following link you can see the rest at my flickr account. Zombies vs. Robots

September 15, 2010

Busy busy bee

So, I've been MIA and will be till after sunday. What's the reason you ask?

My brother is getting married!!!!

I'm in the wedding. So it's chaos this weekend and I'm also knitting the wedding garter. Must finish!!

So once this is all over I have pictures to post like woah, probably wedding photos, and I'm sure there is more. I promise :)


September 9, 2010

Going natural, one step at a time

I was a tired kid after 2 hours of league practice and then one hour of Mob time. <3 But I still managed to be productive when I got home. After doing some of the dishes (there was a lot) I got ready to try out some natural stuff.

First I had to make another batch of toothpaste. I need to have pretty teeth of course. I love how it whips up so fast. The recipe is here in a previous post: Better than Martha. After that I decided I needed to try out a new recipe in hair care.

Peppermint Liquid Soap - 4 oz.For body wash and shampoo I picked up some Dr. Bronner's Peppermint castile soap. It's so refreshing to have the scent fill the whole shower. I pretty much love it. But for conditioner I found an interesting recipe on this site here. As conditioner I now used an apple cider vinegar rinse.

I tried it out last night and it's great. My hair felt practically as good as when you use the chemically stuff from the store. Plus it's a million times cheaper. Well I now know what my conditioner will be from now on. Oh and in case you were wondering the vinegar smell goes away after your hair dries. I just need a better container for it. I was thinking of getting one of those plastic vinegar squeeze bottles to make it easier to apply. Seriously guys. I recommend this. The site says it helps with some dandruff. We'll see how that goes in the winter.

A couple more chemicals knocked out of my everyday life. :)