June 12, 2011

Domestic for the day

The Boy and I had quite the productive day. Made laundry detergent so I could finish laundry. I put clothes away and organized my desk and purse. The house is tidy, a chicken was roasted with potatoes in the oven and was accompanied by broccoli with cheese sauce when it was done. Another was boiled so the Pup can have broth for her strict diet. It was promptly turned into chicken salad with herbs strictly from our garden.
One of the fun projects I did today was dehydrating some ginger. I sliced it all up and laid it out on the trays.

And of course we won’t run the dehydrator without it being full so the Boy and I cut up some apples, dipped them in lemon juice and water so they won’t brown, then sprinkled cinnamon on. They will be some great apple chips.


The Boy also started his sprouts up while we did all this.


The apples are still drying right now but the ginger is all set. I put it all in a jar. I have a plan to make my own Lemon Ginger Tea. Can’t wait to try that out. The crazy part is that we did more than what was listed here. A very accomplished day that will be ended with Game of Thrones. :)



  1. That all sounds so awesome :) I cannot wait to move out of Pawtucket and live on my dream farm lol. Glad you had a blissful productive day :) i miss youu!

  2. What fantastic projects ~ productive, fun, good and good for you! YAY!

  3. Mae: Same here, or at least really close to one I can volunteer on. Thanks and you'll get there. Miss you too!

    Rose: I love when fun stuff ends up being good for you :)