May 28, 2010

The cycle of my life: Chaos, Vacation, Chaos

Life was so busy before I went camping. There was chocolate peanut butter balls to make, a squid to felt and sew a pocket on, a Derbytaunt Ball to attend and packing to do. Needless to say, I needed my camping weekend after all the chaos.

Here's the remaining chocolate peanut butter balls that I had saved for the boy. =)

Below is the lovely Squid (click to see larger photo). The felting was a little off but I think he came out great. There is a pocket inside but I failed to take a photo of it. I love this guy though, and Val was so excited to receive it. I love reactions like her's. Before she goes to India I will be reciving an adorable crop top hoodie.

I had a blast at the ball, but I still don't have a working digital camera so I don't have any good photos from the event. There was fabulous music and everyone looked great. I love the PRD girls. I really need to get that manual camera out. Cindy gave it to me, but I fear wasting film and lack photo skills. We'll see. Maybe there will be camera adventure posts.

My time at Forest Folk was amazing. Charlie and I got there Tuesday but it was raining too much to set up. That led us to a cozy and dry evening at the lovely house of Bruce and Jess. We all hung out, enjoyed stew made by Cate and made notes on the registration. We had to make sure that the important procedures like strip searches were not forgotten for certain attendees. =)

The rest of the week went by with maybe a sprinkle here and there. The weather was beautiful, the music never stopped, everyone was full of great food, they were cooled off by the frigid water, and warmed up by the roaring fire in the hearth. It really doesn't get any better than that. My stressed melted away when I was there. It was exactly what I, and many others, needed.

I'm glad I had a beautiful time there since now my life is about to become chaos for a short time. I arrived home finding out that I will have to move out by July 1st. My roommate can't stay anymore and I refuse to let another stranger in my place to F-up my finances. I don't need that kind of bull so off we go. We'll see where my new home will be. The fun never ends.

May 26, 2010

Ewwwww heat

Yeah, I will be updating this thing. The heat is not my friend the past few days and has kept me from doing anything at all. I will fix this asap. I have at least two posts to throw on here. :)

Ok, now to go fend off the doom.

May 9, 2010

Somebody having a case of the Mondays?

It feels like the weekend just goes way too fast. I think I already have a case of the Mondays. I've been pretty creative and busy this week. Probably going to hibernate before the Derbytaunt ball and my camping trip.

I updated my derby helmet to have my name and my number.

I got to be undead.

I baked about 10 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies for Forest Folk.

I spent some time with my new niece Gretchen while I caught my runaway tent on this blustery day.

And I gessoed (if that's a word) a couple of pages. I plan on having some ready for when I'm camping in case the mood strikes me, which it tends to when I'm surrounded by creative people.

I ended my weekend with finally seeing Practical Magic and starting to watch True Blood. I'm glad Charlie showed me where the local video store is on the east side. Sadly though, my computer won't play any DVDs and I don't feel like fiddling with it. I have plenty more creative things coming up during my hybernation. :) Now I sleep.

May 7, 2010

Let the right one in.

Last night was interesting. I got home to find the downstairs door open. I hate when they do that. I closed it and made my way up the stairs to my apartment. I live on the third floor so my sore roller derby legs are mad every time. I trudged my way up and got my keys out in case the roomie wasn't home. Just as I got just a couple of stairs away from the top there was huge fast movement and skittering!

There a young squirrel right on the top step! I of course let out a "Holy shit!" It was a bit freaked out because it was cornered. I was really glad that it didn't find my face to be an awesome escape route. It ran past me down the stairs. I calmly walked down to let the poor little guy out. The roommate opened the door to find out what was up. She quickly closed it to not let the squirrel in our place. Of course when I got to the bottom the squirrel was now trapped by the door down there. Ugh. I had to walk over to open the door and the squirrel promptly went back up the stairs.

I called my roommate's cell to tell her to walk down the stairs slowly so it will run out. During this, the landlord's brother comes up from his basement apartment with his pants barely on to see what was happening. Double Ugh. I told him what happened and I said to close his door so the squirrel will run by. He gets all creepy excited and said "Let me kill it!!" I was so pissed. Thankfully, the big oaf got out of the way and the squirrel ran over my foot to freedom.

The bastard said something rude to me and I just went up the stairs annoyed. Who the hell wants to do that? It was probably a young squirrel of the this year's litter. If it's been destroying things like he said, they probably let what ever it was get to enough disrepair to allow them toget in and do so. I hate some people.

Too bad the squirrel didn't become my best friend and bring all his other friends over. I could have been squirrel girl and had an amazing army to take out icky basement guys!

May 2, 2010

Sun, I remember you!

So the sun tagged me for the first time. While I was driving to Hartford yesterday, I got my first sunburn of the year. It's not horrible but It's not fair that I get one from just driving. I need to pack sunscreen next time. At least I pretty much go right back to white so I won't have annoying uneven shoulders.

It was a great day though. We hid from the sun for a bit (the sun and I were in a fight) and I got to watch the 13th Warrior for the first time. While watching that fun movie I finished knitting for my art trade with Val. I just have to felt the project. No photos yet. I can't show it off and have her see too early. I think it will come out cool. I just hope my math was right.

I have a lot of projects in mind that I can't type here since they are gifts. I have a lot of knitting designs in mind right now. I really can't wait to raid my yarn stash and get started. :)

On a sad note, I heard that Joanns is going to go out of business and I hope it's not true. I liked having a cheap resource for knitting needles and some basic yarns. I love supporting local shops but I can't always afford their prices or their needle selection. Ugh. I'll just have to watch out for the going out of business sale.

On an awesome note, Derby practice is possibly going to be outside in Providence on Wednesday. Yay for a 5 second commute! It's also not until 7 so I won't burn. =)

Well back to enjoying this lovely day and to counting down till time on the farm. :)