February 10, 2011

A little sidetracked

The Word Play of the week will be late this week. Normally, I post it tonight after working on it yesterday on my day off. Yesterday I was in a blah mood. I wasn't feeling creative in the least and today I'm just tired. I will catch up! You know those days when everything you've been dealing with just hits you all at once? My life isn't too bad right now. It's just some stuff that takes time to resolve. Till it does I have to be patient. No biggie. And when it does resolve you will hear about it. :)

You know what did make me feel better though? Dreaming of the tattoo I hope to get with my tax return. The tattoo I want is actually something I've wanted since high school. I think that is more than long enough to feel that I will like it forever. My plan is to have wings. I've decided to have wings like this guy below.

Click the image to see the blog source Beautiful Flying Objects

This guy is a snowy owl. I have a lot of reasons to choose these wings. I chose wings first of all because in all my dreams i can fly and very often its with wings. I have very vivid dreams, almost like a novel. I chose owls since they are pretty awesome. They are graceful and silent as they fly. It really is quite beautiful watching them. I also love them for their symbolism of wisdom, hence why they are paired with the goddess Athena. Heres hoping some of that rubs off on me. Finally, I enjoy them for their pairing with the moon and night time. Astrology-wise my planet is the moon. Even before I knew this, I was pretty infactuated with the moon as a little girl.

I have quite a few artist recommendations that I'm looking into. I think a realisticly inclined artist would be best for what I want. One of many perks of being part of the derby world, a lot of friends have tattoos and know who to go to. The boy considered the world of tattoo for a time, so he has an eye of what to look for as well. I love being surrounded by artistic people. If you have any artist suggestions feel free to comment with them. Wish me luck! Can't wait to make the 'I got my first tattoo' blog entry!

February 8, 2011

My first love

In high school I wasn't really popular. I was friendly with most people, but that's as far as it went. I squeaked by with B's and C's. I passed without ever writing a paper.* Thank goodness for testing well. I just wasn't an over achiever and I was a true procrastinator. Some things never change, though I've gotten better about the procrastination part.

I may not look fondly on my years in school, but there is one aspect I will always love. Music. I started with the violin for a year and then quickly moved on to the trumpet. I pretty much wanted to be like my big brother and that was the instrument he chose. I didn't put it down for a total of 8 years. I would probably still play it here and there if I didn't have to give back the awesome trumpet to the school. I was a total band geek and miss it.

Ever since high school I still get cravings to play an instrument. Lately I've been almost second guessing what I played as a kid. I kind of wish I played a string instrument. I think I would have excelled. When I hear music that involves violins and cellos I wish I could do that. Take Rasputina for example. I wish I could be badass like them. I saw them live with a dear friend of mine.

Another band I <3 Project! Seeing a theme here?

Yeah, I'm in love with the cello. If I ever get the time to learn an instrument again, I think this is the one. I really think I'd do well. Anyone have one laying around? :) Sadly, not a cheap instrument but would totally be worth paying someone to teach me.

So I really haven't gotten over my first love. How could you fall out of love with music? Once a band geek, always a band geek. Le sigh...

*Kids, don't try this at home .Writing papers is good for you. I was lucky.

February 7, 2011

Word Play Week #3

Week #3 of Word Play


Not sure what this is about go here -> WordPlay
Good luck :) Can't wait to see what you come up with on Thursday!

February 3, 2011

Word Play Week #2 Done!

Another wordplay done. It's a bit late in the day, but art takes time. So here is the definition I went by for my art.

Edit: Ugh, I totally just realized that I spelled my own word wrong. FAIL. :)
sur·rep·ti·tious (sûrp-tshs)

1. Obtained, done, or made by clandestine or stealthy means.
2. Acting with or marked by stealth. 

Of course when thinking of stealth the first thing that comes to my mind is ninjas:


(please excuse the crap angle. It was the only way I could avoid the glare. Then it wasn't square to crop. Oh well.)