September 18, 2011

Yep, it’s true.

I think I’ve hit Grandma level 5. I just brewed my tea in my tea pot for while I sit and knit.I won’t level up again unless I knit a cozy for it. I’m ashamed that it has just been decoration for too long. Who wants to come over for a spot of tea and some knitting?


In other news, the kitten gets cuter by the day.


September 16, 2011

Puttin’ on my game face

So tomorrow the Yankee Brutals face off with Skyland of New Jersey. Can I tell you how excited I am? So excited that I painted my nails, changed my skate laces, and redid my duct tape. Next I’m packing my gear and whatnot for tomorrow. And based on practice, we are gonna rock! Please wish a day of no traffic for me so I can get to New Jersey in time for the bout. I may have to pull a superman and wear a lot of my uniform under my work clothes.


September 15, 2011

Cars and I are in a fight

So we’ve been having a rough time. We just aren’t getting along. They like to cost me mega bucks. I will have a high credit card balance but I will prevail! I will go to NJ for my away bout and I will someday have my jeep again. We shall be extremely frugal for a while now. Maybe even move to a cheaper place. Such is life.
I’ve come to terms with the money flying out the window, but it isn’t easy. I’m knitting again so I must be ok. I found that if I’m not being creative I’m in a slump. At least I still have derby to give me an aggression outlet.
Speaking of knitting, Over at my Tumblr blog I will be doing a 30 Days of knitting thingy. I will post here periodically with the link but if you are a Tumblr kinda person follow me!
Another update! I could be very well doing a craft fair. I need the money anyway :). it will be hosted by the CT Roller Girls. You really should go to it and even join in on the vending.

September 4, 2011

Labor day vaca for the jeep

What a weekend. All week the boy has been fighting his car. Then mine felt left out. On the way to my best friends' wedding it overheated, almost making me late for the ceremony. The next day (today) consisted of my cousin's wedding in RI. The quest to have a car was almost complete but the car decided a thermostat wasn't enough to appease her. She had to be greedy and trick us into a temperature gauge too. Tomorrow we test her and see if it continues to overheat. We couldn’t make it to RI for Cait and Ryan’s wedding. The car fixing just couldn’t happen fast enough. I’ve been waiting over 12 years for it too. I’m sorry. Charlie and I send our love.

Can I say though, the wedding my car did allow us to enjoy was magical. They are totally made for each other. I actually don’t go to the farm constantly just for the farm. I’m a bit drawn to this lovely couple and I’m very happy that they are in my life. Also, Bruce makes some awesome peach mead and he is pretty persuasive when your cup is empty. How lovely is this photo that Lenny was able to capture? I was awesome and didn’t charge mine. I will leave you with this view.