Just your average 26 year old girl in Warwick, RI. I love to knit and create art in general. I'm part of Providence Roller Derby and you can find me there as Natasha Fatality. I work and thankfully have a stable job, which is hard to come by in RI. I love to dance. I have great friends though most of them are not in RI. My family is awesome and thanks to the Irish heritage, very large. Cats are adorable. Zeus is my only one.  I also have a ball python named Medusa. I can't wait till I can afford a home NOT in the city. Reading is a great pasttime. I like my books to be an adventure and an escape from reality. My favorite author is Neil Gaiman.

What you will probably find in my blog is my adventures in my daily life, my newest creations in the knitting world, anything going on with roller derby, and whatever may be going on with my artfire shop. I hope you keep you entertained and maybe even tell you something new at some point. Thank you for stopping by!

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