July 17, 2011

Our little forest

This year has been our first real garden and I’m very happy with the results. This morning I got out of bed and when straight out to see what the garden has in store for us today.

I found many more green beans. They will be great with our salmon tonight. I found 2 pickling cucumbers and one squash. Both have more on the way.I picked some more lettuce. They are going to bolt at this point so we probably won’t have it for too much longer unless we plant more. We have harvested at least a week’s worth recently. I also decided to harvest some of our herbs. I bundled up lemon balm, parsley, dill, and stevia. They are happily hanging in our pantry as seen below.

DSCF0936 DSCF0939

To see an entire set of our garden from start to finish click the following link. I will be adding descriptions here and there :) Our Garden of 2011

Now to get ready for my day. Off to see Harry Potter with Your Mom and then home with the boy for trying to get the tomatoes supported, dinner, and True Blood. Awesome Sunday for me!


  1. Very much so. Every time I go out to the garden there are more greenbeans. Also we are going to have about a thousand tomatoes all at once.