December 28, 2009

A weight off my shoulders

Well I finally graduated from my herbalism apprenticeship. It went well and I got all my products done. It was thoroughly worth the hard work I went through. Now I'm part of HAG (Herbal Apprenticeship Graduates) group. which means hanging out with some great people with interests like mine. I have a ton of pictures of the work I did. That will be the next post.

As part of my christmas gifts I did make ornaments. My original plan was to etch a design into them but the design I wanted was just too detailed for a last minute project. I wanted to do those family stick figures but I just didn't have the time for it and the process involved. What I did end up doing was knitting up covers for the 7 1/2" ornaments I had. They did take me till 3am but they were totally worth it. Let me know if you'd like the pattern for them. They came out pretty good and I will probably design my own for next year.

Otherwise I had a great holiday with my family. We played quite of bit of Taboo, which our team won. It was team ginger (red heads FTW!). Last years taboo moment just wasn't topped. My brother's taboo card was 'Tadpole'. He mentioned that it had a tail and that it swims. Just as he was saying "I ate one before." My uncle blurted out "Sperm!" Very amusing to say the least. It took us a bit to regain our composure. I love my family. =)

December 19, 2009

Gettin' my craft on.

Lately I've been creating a lot.

I baked 8 1/2 dozen cookies the other day. They are Applesauce Raisin. It's probably my favorite recipe from the witches almanac. They turn out to be really fluffy cookies because of the Bisquik that is used. If anyone wants the recipe I will be glad to share.

I have my herbalism graduation coming up. So far I made a pain relief oil that will become an ointment very soon. I also made a tea for menstrual relief. A tincture has been sitting in my cabinet brewing and aspiring to be an aftershave. I have the ingredients for pretty much everything. It's just a matter of putting it all together. It's going to be a busy week next week. I can't wait to be finished. My list includes: Bath bombs, ointment, dog buscuits, room spray, capsules, cough syrup, and a steam.

On top of the herbal stuff I've been knitting like crazy for a coworker's grandson. I whipped up a hat for the nursery and a hat for christmas. She is also getting one more hat and a sweater. That will be worked on a lot this weekend. I'm giving knitting lessons to a friend of mine as I stay at her house for the weekend. I can't wait for work to end so I can make the drive. It's a much needed getaway. I love my friends in CT. =)

Once these are all done there will be photos of the process and finished products. Can't wait!

December 4, 2009

And so it begins.

Well Elliot has left and safely drove to Texas to meet up with his friends at Sphere Play. It's a workshop where they work on things like contact juggling and poi. It's the beginning of his big adventure and i'm happy for him. RI has been feeling pretty lame as of late and I kinda really can't wait to finish paying my debt and being able to join him. I really need to take the opportunity to go out there and explore. 

I really, really miss him. I miss the attention we gave each other. Sometimes I could really just use a comforting hug from him. He gives the best ones. I haven't been alone in my apartement in a while. When the roommate is out, it's just so quiet. Just me and little Zeus watching a silly show online while I get some knitting done. It is a commission project so at least some cash will come of it. That's something I could use right now, just like everyone else. I'm making a baby sweater which will have a hat to match.

I'm getting excited with another project. For my herbalism apprenticeship I'm working on my final project. I have to create 10 products and present then to my fellow graduates. Once I have them all done I'll be sure to post them all here with photos. =)

So to fill my spare time I will be getting a lot of things made, including the milk and honey soap bases I have coming to me soon. I hope to finally fill that shop of mine with things I make so I can make some extra cash on the side. I'm excited to get this going. If only he was home to share in this excitement.