January 23, 2011

Word Play - A Weekly Art Project

So as I mentioned I want to start doing a weekly art thingy. Here's the deal. I will be posting the word of inspiration on Monday. From that word you can come up with anything. It could have nothing to do with that word at all. It can be done by those of all ages. Involve the kids if you'd like.

Then of course you're wondering what you should do. Well whatever you want. It could be a simple doodle, a masterpiece, something with colored pencils, a mixed media art journal entry, or whatever your heart desires. I heard macaroni art is all the rage now.

After all that is done, you can then post it on my Flickr group or share at your own venue. If you share elsewhere, leave a comment for all to see. I'd like to see what you come up with. Thursday is the day I'll post mine and share some of yours. Really though, there is no deadline. I'm giving myself one to keep on task.

Charlie named this "Word Play." What do you think of that? So tomorrow, watch for the first word of the project.

Note: This was inspired by Dawn's NaNoJouMo. I will still participate in that, but I want to make a weekly habit.

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