December 8, 2010

A Stitch in Time update

Last week was a week to dance. Why you ask? Well you know that little spot on the internet where I can sell my adorable knit items? I made my first sale through it! I had to say goodbye to my little monster wallet and ship it out to be enjoyed.
Card Wallet Yellow Monster

Also during this week, the guild I am part of was promoting me like crazy. The Stalkers Guild is pretty awesome. They made my stats climb faster every day as they shared my goods with everyone through Facebook, their blogs, Twitter, and many other venues. Thank you to my fellow guild members!!

I also added a new item to the shop. I added an adorable octopus pin cushion. 
Octopus Pin Cushion

I’ve already sold one to a friend so I quickly knit up 2 more. They just need some buttons, to be put together, and then photographed. I have so many ideas for store items. It’s exciting! Some to expect are hair barrettes, new mug cozies, and maybe different pin cushions. Nothing like a sale to really boost your enthusiasm.

I ended my great week with a post Thanksgiving feast with my dear friends in CT. We had lots of food, some yummy libations, crafting fun, and many laughs. They really are an awesome group. The ones that couldn’t make it were sorely missed. *hugs*

Now off to some English muffin pizzas for dinner :)

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  1. YAY! Congrats on your sale~ And I love english muffin pizzas!!!