November 27, 2010

Happy holiday and a new project

Before I get into the reason for this post, I just wanted to say a belated Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great time with friends and family. I showed off my 733t hand turkey skills for that day's journal post. The word of the day was Gratitude :)


But any way, as I've been doing NaNoJouMo (National Nonstop Journaling Month) I've found that the one word really inspires me to fill a journal page with something creative. I just don't think I could do it every day of the year. It's just not in the cards, though I will continue to do NaNoJouMo with Dawn every November. Hopefully you will join me too. What I could do though, is one entry every week. What do you guys think? Would you want to do this with me? I would post a word probably every wednesday, and then everyone could post their photos on comments here or I could make a flickr group. No deadlines or anything, but hopefully you'd get it done before the end of the week.

It's just a thought and this won't happen till after NaNoJouMo is over. That's her thing that I love and wouldn't want to take away from. But definately let me know. I mostly knit and it's nice to take a breather from that and go back to my original creative love. You know?

Anywho, today I go to see Harry Potter with my dad. It's been a long time since we have seen a movie together so it will be nice. Then off to the art supply store to get myself some clear gesso. I really want to try it out. I've been constantly thinking, "I would love to go over this but still have it show. I wish I had clear gesso." So this has to be done. We'll see what things I come up with it.

Till next time, happy creating :)


  1. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you too! :D Hehe.
    I try to journal in my paper journal everyday. I've been doing it since I was 11 so I hope to keep the tradition up!

    & I hope you enjoyed seeing Harry Potter! I've only heard good reviews. I've never seen any of the previous movies or read the book (I know, am I even American?!) so I should probably do that before seeing this one. Oh well :P

  2. I would follow along with a page a week Sarah!


    It was great seeing you at Joyce's. I will be seeing you for New Year's.