December 9, 2010

Featured Artisan: UBrickIt

I'd like to start something new in my blog that will happen from time to time. It's called Featured Artisan. Here is my first entry into my new feature :)

Who doesn’t love Legos? I was a bit of a tomboy so I loved the space station sets. When I had money, that’s usually what I would go for. As soon as I got home I’d break open the box and build. As a challenge to myself I would usually just look at the picture on the front and put it together that way. The directions were usually tossed aside and forgotten.

That brings me to this unique seller. UBrickIt has taken an interesting approach to jewelry design. He casts the metal to fit Lego pieces on them. This ring is my favorite.

Lego ring with interchangeable bricks antiqued jewelry

He also decorates the actual plastic pieces with crystals. 

LEGO Swarovski Earrings

What geek wouldn’t love these as a gift for the holidays? So check out his shop and maybe you’ll find something that really suits a dear friend or significant other. Or hell, shop for you!

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