October 25, 2010

Wonderful Chaos

Wow, before derby I never had quite this busy of a life. Oh derby how you take over.

Monday I helped out a fellow roller derby girl with a humanities benefit. Three of us were on skates selling raffle tickets. The top winner got a 1/2k diamond. I had a good time chit chatting with everyone. I fell on my butt once, but I have to say, those floors were horrible. Uneven cement floors with holes are tough to skate on. It went well and we raised quite a bit of money. We missed most of the raffling. We were too busy enjoying great food after we were done selling. :)

Tuesday was practice. Then off to visit the boy since if I didn't we would have waited 3 weeks. Ew. We had a relaxing time together filled with him making me a great dinner. When I got back to RI it was straight to work, followed by two derby meetings. Friday was a double header party night. I got to wear my Tank girl costume that night and also celebrated the birthday of a fabulous teammate.


Saturday was a baby shower and the Zombie Pub Crawl led by Rev Al. I had a good time at both and wings I made for the shower were a hit. There were over 300 Zombies at the crawl. I loved the surprised looks on the people that were innocently enjoying a beer. Nothing like going out and having the bar being filled with random walking dead.



Sunday was the icing on the cake. The Mob Squad scrimmaged the ZomBSquad of Hudson Valley. NY. The Mob won 178-52! It was an awesome bout. We were happy to have them come on by for the scrimmage. We all hit hard and worked our butts off. Thanks again ladies! I hope we see them again soon.

This evening is going to be the start of a hermitful week. I need to recuperate.


  1. What's with you Americans and zombies? lol

  2. =O

    It all makes sense!!!