October 9, 2010

One down, one to go

Another week by and another commission knocked off my list. Yesterday morning I went for breakfast at Brickway in Providence to meet up with the lovely Myles. By the way, their pumpkin pancakes are awesome!! Sadly I didn't see my fellow derby girl that works there but I did see 2 PRD hoodies. I digress... Myles asked me for a set of booties and hats for future twin girls that her friend is having. These sets inspired the collection I made last friday in my Friday Favorites: Little monsters post. I made Monster Baby Booties and hats to match them. The hats were based loosly on a basic baby hat pattern and I added horns in the bootie accent color. After all the work she was happy. I love seeing a smiling customer. I can't wait to see baby pictures later. Without further ado, here they are!!


After this I have just one commissioned hat and one trade to do then I'm free! There won't be any commissions for a while after that. This weekend I'm actually knitting something for me for once. I was starting to feel neglected when I was remembering the days when it was all for me. You have to treat yourself here and there. Don't get me wrong, I like knitting for others still. I just want to be selfish for a moment. What are you creating for yourself or for others?


  1. OMG Sarah...these are FABULOUS!

  2. Thanks :) Apparently they were a big hit at the baby shower.

  3. It's true - they are fabulous … though I had a real hard time comprehending anything after " pumpkin pancakes." Mmmmm.

  4. They were amazing pancakes and I highly recommend them!