November 3, 2010

NaNoJouMo: Days 1-3

What is NaNoJouMo? Well I'm sure you've heard of NaNoWriMo. It's that but with a daily art journal. It was started by Dawn at D'blogala. She inspires us by posting a word a day to help you get going with your art journaling. You can do anything, a simple doodle or a full page entry. So far it's been really helpful. I tried journaling a while back but I feel this way inspires me more. Hopefully I'll keep it up after November.

For a journal you can use whatever. A lot of people I know use a moleskin journal, a regular journal, or even a notebook they have laying around. I, with the inspiration of my friend Rose, use an old book. I gesso each page so I can safely use whatever medium I want on the pages. It's nice because it's cheap, or free, and it has a ton more pages than a sketchbook. Thanks Rose!

DSCF0526 DSCF0527

On all three pages my mediums consisted of gesso on the pages, pen, pencil, watercolor pencil, some mod podge, and a prisma black marker. I'll post these every few days. :)
Day I: Inception
Day II: Choice
Day III: Fortune


  1. Love it Sarah! I used an old book a few years ago, it's a super great medium!

    Can't wait to see more! I gotta do today's now :)

    <3 Mae

  2. I can't see the first one because it's private.

    I'm pretty happy with mine. I like this whole idea since I'll be able to play with mixed media more. I don't do enough with drawing and painting now that I knit so much.

    I wish I wasn't at work so I could work on mine.