August 13, 2010

Friday Favorites: I <3 Owls

I've been waiting for the Artfire collections feature to come out so I could start doing this on my blog. Friday Favorites will probably appear every 2 weeks at most.

So the first collection I put together is I <3 Owls. Who doesn't love owls? Those big curious eyes looking out at night for their meal. I love being out in the woods at night and hearing their call, or seeing them pass over the sky. I hope to live in the country one day so I can run into them more often. My mom collected a lot of owl items throughout the years and I always loved them. She even painted a ceramic one. Hopefully she'll pass them on to me. I already kinda of permanently borrowed owl earrings from her. ;)

Also, because I couldn't resist, I purchased a pendant from an artisan seen below. My first Artfire purchase! Maybe you'll see it in photos in the future. Enjoy the collection! Be sure to check out their studios. You never know what you will find and love.


  1. What a fun Collection – great picks too – nicely done!

    There. *That's* better.