August 10, 2010

I won!

For once I really did win. It was unexpected. I commented on Ms. Bella constrictor's blog because I found her post interesting. I totally didn't read the instructions, but I'm glad I won. Bella, or Tabitha to you non derby folks, went to a cute store called Rehab and put together a necklace with the items she found there. The post I'm talking about is here. Her blog is really cute and fun so you should go there all the time like I do. Even if she is a Rat and not a Mobster she's still A-OK in my book. ;)

Anyway, pictured below and on her blog is the cute necklace I received. Thanks again Bella!!




  1. Congrats on your lovely winnings - the necklace is great!

  2. What a fun Collection - great picks too - nicely done!

  3. … let's try that again … in the right post …