July 8, 2010

Ocean life and the undead

Over the 4th of July weekend I had a wonderful wedding to go to. There will be pictures later. But anyway, the wedding was for two of my lovely friends Lenny and Kristen. They looked amazing.

Kristin loves all things ocean and Lenny is a pretty big fan of zombies. So of course I figured out something to include these themes in my knitting.

For Kristin I chose three awesome patterns to make her some sea creatures. First up is Nautie:

I really like how he came out and I found him really easy to knit. The increases are even neatly hidden in the coiling of the shell. There were some felt cutout eyes to make but I like buttons for my knit creatures. I recommend this pattern to any Nautiloid lover.

Next up was an Octopus:

The octopus was by far the easiest to make. The head took no time at all. The limbs crocheted up pretty quick too. I like crocheting every now and then so I don't forget the basics. I really like how it turned out. Octopi are so cute.

Last of the trio was the Sea Nettle:

This was the toughest to knit. Now I don't mean that in difficulty unless you are new to charts and color change. The head was pretty easy. What made this tough was the damn arms. They knit up so tight it hurt my fingers. It was totally worth it though. It came out so pretty.

After the sea creatures I moved onto the undead. This was going to be fun since it took a lot of creativity on my part, rather than just picking the colors. The base pattern was a children's doll set that I decided to creepify. After the bodies were knit and sewn together I had a blast. I embroidered blood, guts, falling off limbs and parts, and some bones.

Zombie girl:

Zombie boy:



I knit almost a whole week straight through to get it all done. It was totally worth it when I saw their reactions to the gift. Nothing better than creating something for people you know will appreciate all your work. Love you Lenny and Kristin!

After all the work I swore I would take the weekend off from knitting. I felt I needed it. I think I may have an addiction because every moment I had downtime I was thinking, 'I wish I had my knitting.' I refuse to go to rehab. =)


  1. OMG these totally ROCK!!! I adore them all but the Nautiloid stole my heart. AWESOME!