July 5, 2010

97° is not okay

Happy belated July 4th! Today Hartford is too hot so we will hide away in the air-conditioned apartment until we go to live jazz in the park this evening.

I was all excited to start the 30 day journal challenge but apparently I picked the worst week to start ever! I had to power knit the entire week to finish an awesome wedding gift. I will be posting that when I get home. But pretty much every night, after work and practice, I was knitting my life away. It was totally worth it though. Lenny and Kristen loved it. I will try again to start the journal challenge. Expect that soon.

Currently I'm on the boyfriend's couch waiting while he cooks us some amazing french toast for brunch. We took our sweet time getting out of bed since we crashed late after being with lovely people for the 4th.

I leave you with this video. This band is great and I currently am loving them. This isn't really kid-safe. A bit gory and vulgar but they are great!

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  1. 97 is not okay!!! Agreed! I am glad you have pics of the knitties cuz I forgot to take a peek at em....