July 10, 2010


Between daily things I've been trying to catch up with household stuff. Nothing like spurts of getting shit done!

Yesterday after work I got home and cleaned out my car. It was getting a little overrun with stuff. After that, I finished weeding around my tomatoes and basil. They are much happier, I'm sure. My first two tomatoes are ripening as I type. Then it was off to Phury's work for some sushi and a pomegranate margarita with some derby people. When I got home I did a bit of organizing then crashed.

I woke up at about 6:30 this morning and proceeded with the things to do. I cleaned the litter box and used a pet odor spray on the cat carrier finally. It has been hosed down. I finishing putting mulch in the garden, I harvested some herbs, and got my stuff together for a sleepover tonight.

Tonight is a big night. Providing the rain gods are polite and hold off till we're done, there will be the second Providence Roller Derby home-team bout at the Bank of America track. Please cross your fingers for us and hope for the best. Worse comes to worse we have the bout indoors at the rink in Narragansett Ocean Club tomorrow but that's not allowed. My team, the Mob Squad is playing but my knee isn't quite healed so I can't play. Big =(  face. They have to beat those Old Money Honeys so that I can play two bouts this year. =) But yeah, doors are at 6 and the bout is at 7! Be there!

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