May 7, 2010

Let the right one in.

Last night was interesting. I got home to find the downstairs door open. I hate when they do that. I closed it and made my way up the stairs to my apartment. I live on the third floor so my sore roller derby legs are mad every time. I trudged my way up and got my keys out in case the roomie wasn't home. Just as I got just a couple of stairs away from the top there was huge fast movement and skittering!

There a young squirrel right on the top step! I of course let out a "Holy shit!" It was a bit freaked out because it was cornered. I was really glad that it didn't find my face to be an awesome escape route. It ran past me down the stairs. I calmly walked down to let the poor little guy out. The roommate opened the door to find out what was up. She quickly closed it to not let the squirrel in our place. Of course when I got to the bottom the squirrel was now trapped by the door down there. Ugh. I had to walk over to open the door and the squirrel promptly went back up the stairs.

I called my roommate's cell to tell her to walk down the stairs slowly so it will run out. During this, the landlord's brother comes up from his basement apartment with his pants barely on to see what was happening. Double Ugh. I told him what happened and I said to close his door so the squirrel will run by. He gets all creepy excited and said "Let me kill it!!" I was so pissed. Thankfully, the big oaf got out of the way and the squirrel ran over my foot to freedom.

The bastard said something rude to me and I just went up the stairs annoyed. Who the hell wants to do that? It was probably a young squirrel of the this year's litter. If it's been destroying things like he said, they probably let what ever it was get to enough disrepair to allow them toget in and do so. I hate some people.

Too bad the squirrel didn't become my best friend and bring all his other friends over. I could have been squirrel girl and had an amazing army to take out icky basement guys!

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