May 28, 2010

The cycle of my life: Chaos, Vacation, Chaos

Life was so busy before I went camping. There was chocolate peanut butter balls to make, a squid to felt and sew a pocket on, a Derbytaunt Ball to attend and packing to do. Needless to say, I needed my camping weekend after all the chaos.

Here's the remaining chocolate peanut butter balls that I had saved for the boy. =)

Below is the lovely Squid (click to see larger photo). The felting was a little off but I think he came out great. There is a pocket inside but I failed to take a photo of it. I love this guy though, and Val was so excited to receive it. I love reactions like her's. Before she goes to India I will be reciving an adorable crop top hoodie.

I had a blast at the ball, but I still don't have a working digital camera so I don't have any good photos from the event. There was fabulous music and everyone looked great. I love the PRD girls. I really need to get that manual camera out. Cindy gave it to me, but I fear wasting film and lack photo skills. We'll see. Maybe there will be camera adventure posts.

My time at Forest Folk was amazing. Charlie and I got there Tuesday but it was raining too much to set up. That led us to a cozy and dry evening at the lovely house of Bruce and Jess. We all hung out, enjoyed stew made by Cate and made notes on the registration. We had to make sure that the important procedures like strip searches were not forgotten for certain attendees. =)

The rest of the week went by with maybe a sprinkle here and there. The weather was beautiful, the music never stopped, everyone was full of great food, they were cooled off by the frigid water, and warmed up by the roaring fire in the hearth. It really doesn't get any better than that. My stressed melted away when I was there. It was exactly what I, and many others, needed.

I'm glad I had a beautiful time there since now my life is about to become chaos for a short time. I arrived home finding out that I will have to move out by July 1st. My roommate can't stay anymore and I refuse to let another stranger in my place to F-up my finances. I don't need that kind of bull so off we go. We'll see where my new home will be. The fun never ends.


  1. May your fun take you exactly where you need to be.

    And - I ♡ the squid, it's really great. Also, I'm glad to have shared such healing time with you at forest folk. You are an amazing spirit. Peace.

  2. The fun is doing just that. My life is falling into place and I'm glad.

    The Squid <3 you too! Thank you!
    I loved spending time with you too at forest folk. I love learning from you and spending time with you. How did we all get so lucky to have each other?

  3. I adore the squid! I'm in love with your balls!