April 28, 2010

Cat + Yarn = Sad Sarah

Well the lovely Zeus discovered yarn and the joy of decorating with it. I missed the results since my roommate picked up the yarn entrails left all over the apartment. Below is what I found on my bed. (Still yucky phone photos.)

He is so lucky that the yarn is still good for the art trade item it is becoming as of last night. After i'm done knitting with it I'll rewind the remains into a nice ball. When I'm not knitting the project is now safely tucked in my WIP purse. Seriously though, how could anyone stay mad at this ginormous ball of fluff?

I can't wait to see how the project comes out. Cross your fingers that it felts right.

Besides that the monster case is finished. My netbook now has a cozy and safe place to sleep, WHEN HE EATS IT!


  1. The giant om nom case is amazing.

  2. It's not an Om nom, but thanks. :)

  3. Love your fiber foolish feline ... and that case totally rOcKs too!

  4. Thanks Rose! I finally bought the velcro to finish the case and Im more careful with yarn around Zeus :)

  5. OMG! I love the case. Did you design it or was there a pattern. Please share!!!

  6. I designed it as I went. Just some measuring and seed stitch flap before I added a face. Thank you :)
    Your blog looks very interesting. I'll be adding it to my blogroll later. I'll also be posting more often after I'm done moving. Thanks for stopping by!