April 23, 2010

Another fabulous weekend

(This was written yesterday. I fail) =)

I had a fabulous weekend that I'm just now able to tell you about since I got back yesterday (yay vacation days!)  and went straight to practice.

Saturday, Charlie and I went to a bike shop in on Broadway in Providence. it's called Dash Bicycle shop. There were having a party for their one year anniversary and we could see why they were doing great. The staff was so nice. I thought I needed a new rim since my tube had a weird valve and the rim was bent, but the employee offered otherwise. He offered to true (straighten) the rim and drill the hole to make it bigger and fit the more common tube for about $20 less. Awesome! I will be going there in the future.

On Sunday Providence Roller Derby had it's first international bout. The Riveters played their asses off against London Brawling. Riveters tried their hardest to show them what's up but London had an amazing defense and some great jammers. Maybe we could have psyched them out if we burned the Gaspee beforehand. Give them a little biological flashback so they remember what RI is made of. For the halftime show we had the Extraordinary Rendition Band. They sounded great and were so energetic. If I wasn't in roller derby I would totally pick up my trumpet again or learn a new instrument. There are rumors that we may have seated over 1000 fans that night. We are still waiting on the final number. That is an all time record for PRD. Lets hope we keep getting awesome crowds this big.

Afterwards we all headed to the 201 on Westminster Street for our afterparty. I had a blast! I think it was ok that we didn't practice because I definately worked up a sweat on the dance floor. What I love about roller derby is no matter what the outcome we all party together afterwards. The band showed up and we had a great private show from them. The DJ also picked some great music to dance to from The Safety Dance to Bad Romance. Big Nazo also made an appearance. I have never seen them before that night but it was great that they came by and crashed the party. I know London got a kick out of them as well as PRD.

London may have won but we still had a great time. How often do you get to play against another country, learn from them, and then party hard with them?

BTW: London brawling is still trapped in the US thanks to the Volcano. Check out their site and donate to help offset costs of staying longer. Click here! =)


  1. It was great hanging out- I'm glad you had a good weekend! Craft night soon? I'll make something yummy!

  2. Indeed, we need to have another craft night. I have a lot of knitting to do :)