March 12, 2010

This is how we roll

A bit of derby news today.

On Sunday, for the Brawl of Justice, Providence Roller Derby raised just over $1000 for the Sojourner House. The bout was really fun. I volunteered that night in the NSO part of the bout. I basically had to relay penalties to the refs that were logging them in the center of the track. It was a fun learning experience. The X-Women won the bout and everyone playing and helping had a blast. I really love hanging with the women of PRD.

Then on Tuesday we had our scrimmage assessment. It went really well but I didn't pass this time. Eight out of eighteen girls passed.  I just need to work on hitting harder and more effectively along with improving my assists. The coaching staff said all I need is a bit of one-on-one time and a couple more practices. They will assess us again on March 30th at the latest so we'll will be ready for the season.

During the last practice I had a blast. Since we are more skilled now we do more scrimmaging at practice. I got to be jammer a few times. One jam I actually got at least 4 points. There was one point where the blockers were thoroughly distracted and I snuck past right on the line and sprinted away before they could stop me. It is so exhausting being a jammer. I don't have the stamina yet.

I'm really loving roller derby. This will be something I do for a long time I think, providing I maintain all my limbs. It takes time but it's so fun and the girls are great.

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