March 18, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

This week has been absolutely gorgeous and for once I've been taking advantage of it. I recently bought a Trek hybrid bike. Best thing I ever did. I love my bike. I got a rack for it and a set of fenders so I could use it to commute to work.

Tuesday was the first day I rode it to work. I was able to strap my backpack to the rack so I'm not all gross for work. It wasn't bad. There are a lot of hills from Providence to East Providence but I work my way up them no problem. I put both fenders on even though they are clip on. Well the front one is a jerk and became loose while I was riding. It fell off and held up my ride to work since I had to find a place to put it. I ended up being late to work. To top it off I forgot my work keys at home. Which mean I couldn't get to the peanut butter cookies that were in my desk. *pout* Not the best of days but I survived.

Yesterday I rode my bike around Providence on my day off. I headed down to Thayer Street in the afternoon. It was nice to just walk around after easily locking up my bike, instead of circling for a car spot. I checked out the second hand store. If I had the cash I would have picked up a couple of things. They had some really cute spring dresses and tops. So tempting. I definately picked up honey sticks at the candy store. The cinnamon ones are my favorite. For lunch I got a really good falafel wrap at East Side Pockets. Highly recommend them! I got a new pair of tights and socks for Derby too. After some wandering I went to Whole Foods to get some ingredients for the veggie pot pie I'm making for the Spring Fever Party in CT. It was nice to do all this without using any gas.

I rode into work today successfully without being late. I was 18 min early and everything. Had time to change, make a cup of tea, and change the mortgage rates all before 9am. Not bad at all. I plan on keeping this habit for a while. Save money, daily exercise, and polute less. :)


  1. Thanks! :) I was just reading your blog and going through the garden tag. Can't wait to help my mom with her's.