March 2, 2010

Music and Derby

On Saturday I saw Shryne. It was their CD release Party and they put on an amazing show. My friend Jon is a the lead singer. They are all very talented musicians. I recommend checking them out sometime. They had a great lineup. They chose all the bands that night which was great because everyone had a different style. It was a high energy show. the only downside was that I now have laryngitis. The combo of dry winter air, not drinking enough water, and having to talk loud ruined me. No skating for me tonight. =(

In the world of roller derby, Providence Roller Derby is holding a fund raiser for a good cause. I will be there volunteering and enjoying the bout. I haven't passed my scrimmage assessment yet. On Sunday March 7th we are having a scrimmage to collect donations for the Sojourner House ( It's a V-Day event ( V-Day is a global movement to end violence against women and girls.  The flyer below has all the details. Hope to see you guys there!


  1. I checked out Shryne's music - very cool!

    And best wishes on the assessment and the fund-raising - so cool. :)

  2. Thanks, they work hard and are very talented :)
    I can't wait till the assessment. I get to pick a name if I pass! If I don't at least I can try again in July. So nervous!