February 25, 2010

Sheep and Art Journaling Experimentation

As I mentioned earlier I made some sheep coats for my cousin Julia. I think they came out nice. Hopefully they will fit her sheep properly. So my sheep is modeling them below before they are shipped to Baltimore. :) I have so much to mail to people so this will finally get me to the post office. I always fail at regular mail. (Click photo for larger image.)

Then tonight I figured I try out my art journal finally. My journal is made up of an old poetry book from an antique store. I used gesso to cover the page. The medium I chose was water color pencils and a prisma marker for the outline. Now this is only the second time I have ever used watercolors and the last time was just with the little cheap set from Job Lot, so don't be too hard on me. =) It's really rough but I like it. It is Zeus of course. I looked up and he was the first inspiration in view. I'm happy with my first page. It was a fun experiment. I really can't wait to continue it. (Click photo for larger image.)

Now to finish up the cleaning I was doing. Two very special guests are going to be here tomorrow so I don't want to look like a slob.


  1. What's wrog with your job lot water colors - I think Zeus is pretty rocking! I sooo need to play with my art journal more! I also love the little sheep!

  2. It's probably me being over critical. Thank you!
    And yes you should. It's my first art journal. It's thanks to my FF tribe. I think you all make me want to do more art.
    I love my mini sheep too. Who wouldn't love mini sheep? =) He needs more coats. Next ones will be for him. I wish Farmville sheep would give me lots of free real wool.

  3. Drawing and model are both lovely. Keep up the good work!

  4. Oh and the job lot watercolors aren't as easily controlled as water color pencils are.