February 21, 2010

The finished product

Well as you remember from this post I was making a top secret gift for someone awesome. Well it was finished and delivered. He was happy with it and so was I. His brand new beer cozy now keeps his home brews cold and his hand warm and dry. It was personalized with an inside joke ("Who the hell is Bruce?")  but that's a story that's too long to tell and it's not for me to share. =) The words were added using needle felting. The great part is that it was my own pattern so I can now make more to sell in my store. I'll get going on that soon. Below is a mediocre photo of it. I forget to get a better one when I gave it to him. Oh well.

When I visited CO last year I went to see my uncle and my two cousins. Well it turns out Julia is a knitter and we thoroughly bonded in this way. We discovered the sheep pattern and quickly fell in love. A yarn store visit was in order and we made sheep together. I've been planning on making coats for a while and finally got my butt in gear. I knit some sheep coats for my cousin to coordinate with this pattern, though I think they may be too small. If they are I'll fit them to my sheep and remake some for her.   They are so quick to knit so it won't be an issue to make new ones for her if the measurements are off. Below I added a picture of my sheep to show how tiny they are.

In other crafting news my friend Val and I are doing an art trade. I just can't wait to felt the swatch so I can start knitting. It's going to be pretty cute. She requested a squid like mine but in golden yellow with greenish blue buttons. My camera squid is below and the swatch and buttons found are next. In return I will get a handmade cute crop top that she will upcycle for me. I'm so excited. I love receiving creative things. =) If she ever opens an online store I'll be sure to share it here.

Happy creating!


  1. Sarah! I love this hehe, that's such an awesome beer cozy andddd i love your blog! Miss you!!

  2. Thanks x 3 :). I added you to my links. You should update yours more often.