January 4, 2010

Herbal Graduation

I had a great time getting together all my recipes for my graduation. It was a bit stressful but so worth it. I love creating things. Having a finished project is so gratifying. I love putting on that finished scarf, hanging that piece of artwork, watching a friend smile when then receive the gift, or using that herbal ointment. It's fun. Well I got the joy of breathing again once it all was said and done. I don't have pictures of all the progress but here we go. (I made the pictures kind of small since there are quite a few but feel free to see larger ones at my flickr page.)

Here I have the oil base brewing with some muscle soothing herbs. It's the base for my Anti-Crafter's Crick ointment. I let the herbs macerate for a while. Kind of a weird smell but it calmed down when cooled.

Then I had to melt in beeswax to give it the ointment consistency.

And finally they were put in jars.

I made a tea to fight off the symptoms of Aunt Flo's visit. It's called "Aunt Flo's Ticket home." She is really rude, you know.

I made capsules to help your immune system fight harder.

A really messy but fun part was making bathbombs. These were part of my aphrodisiac kit that included a candle and two small wine glasses. :) I may be biased but I really loved the essential oils I used.

I was weary of the turnout but they were hard as rocks and came out right.

There was also "Keep your car clean biscuits" for that carsick puppy in your life.

And some shampoo to prevent and fight dandruff.

In the end I had a full basket of 10 products and I really like how they came out. I'm proud to have completeed the 10 month apprenticeship. Now I know how to create more.


  1. Congratulations!!!! I'd like to take a herbal course at some point to. Good job sticking to it!

  2. Thanks! It was a lot of work but I highly recommend it. :) I'm sure you'd do great.

  3. What a wonderful post - it always gladdens my heart to see the realm of herbalism alive and active! Keep learning, keep sharing, keep healing. :) Green blessings!

  4. Thank you Rose :). I love herbalism because you never stop learning.