December 28, 2009

A weight off my shoulders

Well I finally graduated from my herbalism apprenticeship. It went well and I got all my products done. It was thoroughly worth the hard work I went through. Now I'm part of HAG (Herbal Apprenticeship Graduates) group. which means hanging out with some great people with interests like mine. I have a ton of pictures of the work I did. That will be the next post.

As part of my christmas gifts I did make ornaments. My original plan was to etch a design into them but the design I wanted was just too detailed for a last minute project. I wanted to do those family stick figures but I just didn't have the time for it and the process involved. What I did end up doing was knitting up covers for the 7 1/2" ornaments I had. They did take me till 3am but they were totally worth it. Let me know if you'd like the pattern for them. They came out pretty good and I will probably design my own for next year.

Otherwise I had a great holiday with my family. We played quite of bit of Taboo, which our team won. It was team ginger (red heads FTW!). Last years taboo moment just wasn't topped. My brother's taboo card was 'Tadpole'. He mentioned that it had a tail and that it swims. Just as he was saying "I ate one before." My uncle blurted out "Sperm!" Very amusing to say the least. It took us a bit to regain our composure. I love my family. =)

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