January 12, 2010

Where does the time go?

I can't believe we are here in the new year now. I was just thinking about resolutions. I never really do set any, or at least remember any that I set. I remember when I was little I would think of really cool ones like "to have the best handwriting." Yeah, I was a geek then, too. My handwriting is still pretty good. Just don't look at my signature. It looks nothing like my name.

As I sit here I'm actually thinking of some good ones that I do like. I think they are good New Years goals.

  • Get my Artfire shop going

  • Pay down my debt

  • Be more adventurous and enjoy life

  • Stear clear of drama

  • Stress out less about the small things

  • Make exercise more part of every day (walk or bike more)

  • Be more creative

I think that's a good list of goals. Come next year I'll have to break out this list and see how I did. Wish me luck with it.

Hrmm, I had more to say but oh well. This will do =)

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