December 4, 2009

And so it begins.

Well Elliot has left and safely drove to Texas to meet up with his friends at Sphere Play. It's a workshop where they work on things like contact juggling and poi. It's the beginning of his big adventure and i'm happy for him. RI has been feeling pretty lame as of late and I kinda really can't wait to finish paying my debt and being able to join him. I really need to take the opportunity to go out there and explore. 

I really, really miss him. I miss the attention we gave each other. Sometimes I could really just use a comforting hug from him. He gives the best ones. I haven't been alone in my apartement in a while. When the roommate is out, it's just so quiet. Just me and little Zeus watching a silly show online while I get some knitting done. It is a commission project so at least some cash will come of it. That's something I could use right now, just like everyone else. I'm making a baby sweater which will have a hat to match.

I'm getting excited with another project. For my herbalism apprenticeship I'm working on my final project. I have to create 10 products and present then to my fellow graduates. Once I have them all done I'll be sure to post them all here with photos. =)

So to fill my spare time I will be getting a lot of things made, including the milk and honey soap bases I have coming to me soon. I hope to finally fill that shop of mine with things I make so I can make some extra cash on the side. I'm excited to get this going. If only he was home to share in this excitement.

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