November 3, 2009

Letting go

I have beliefs that are pagan. I don't consider myself Wiccan at all. That's not my style. I guess I'm pretty eclectic or can even be classified as a hedgewitch. One holiday that I like to always celebrate is Samhain. Even if it's just a moment of time outside by myself, I consider that observing the holiday. I like to take that moment to smell the autumn air. I love when the leaves fall. In their piles, they start to break down and release a great smell. Near my house is a beautiful cemetery and I’m planning on taking a walk to check out the changing colors. Hopefully today will be nice enough for that walk.

One of the main aspects of the holiday is remembering the ones you have lost. I haven’t experienced a lot of death in my life at all. My mother’s parents both passed away before I was born. I met my great-grandmother at her funeral. That was an awkward meeting. The only really close relative that has passed away is my Grandfather. And really that is it besides the loss of pets. Growing up, my pets lived long healthy lives. Garfield was a cat that lived to be 20. Max, another cat, lived to be about 17. There were small animals but they don’t live all that long by nature. Our dogs had the same track records as the cats. Sadly though, my Lola died this year way too soon. She was only 4 years old. It was an unfortunate accident that probably wouldn’t have been able to be prevented.

The day before she died I randomly took pictures of her and Zeus. I find it weird how I don’t do it very often but I happened to before she passed. I put the cat condo up on the table while I was vacuuming and she felt the need to be in it in a spot she doesn’t even normally sit. On top of that, her and Zeus were able to share my bed without killing each other. I didn’t have the heart to plug my camera into the computer till Samhain day. I felt it was time for my closure. She was probably the best behaved cat ever. She always was polite enough to wait till I sat up in bed before bothering me for food. Of course she only cuddled on her time but that’s normal for most cats. While sleeping on my bed she was always on the pillow beside mine. Lola never scratched a single piece of furniture either. She is missed and loved. Below is her final photo shoot.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. My cat Miu Miu is like my second soul, we're so close so I can imagine how hard it is to lose her - I'm glad you were able to get some closure and move on. She was beautiful too, love the markings! I wish my cat were as well-behaved tho. She's so spoiled and too demanding at times ;p

  2. Thank you for your condolences. I think I lucked out with her behavior and how pretty she was. For the most part my kitten Zeus was able to learn from her. He is almost as well behaved. The only thing is he likes to wake me up when I'm sleeping. I'll try my best to break him of that habit. I'm grumpy when woken up=)