June 10, 2011

A Glorious View

I’m writing this on Wednesday night so I can post in the morning and because I‘m not tired yet. I had this awesome plan this evening to blog and research a little on the internet. So much for that. Thanks to the epic storm my apartment has been without power since 6:30 pm. I’m glad the rain cooled off the day so we won’t die without air conditioning. My phone is conveniently down to one bar of power. It will last the night at least.

Today while I was at work, we watched the sky get as black as night three hours before nightfall. During the crazy storm we lost power about 4 times. Between bouts of no power we made it a point to balance all our cash tills and the vault. Nothing is worse than settling a bank without technology. One of the tellers that was done for the day couldn’t leave because tornados were touching down in her town. Poor kid. Remind me next time to get photos.

But anyway, what I wanted to blog about was the gorgeous day I had off. Days before I told the Boy that I was hoping to go for a walk in the woods. What’s great about where I live is that there is an awesome place to hike that is about 5 minutes away from our apartment. You really can’t beat that. Last week the Boy went with others to this spot and found an amazing view that he had to show me. I know you’re think, “ Are you on crack? It was over 90F out!” Well, yes, I was. It was a tough hike up. For the Pup’s sake we were just going to head to the water, but there wasn’t really anywhere for her to swim. So we decided to be psycho and head up to the cliff. Before we did that we of course found adorable little amphibians. Check out these little leopard frogs. Don’t you just want to squeeze them?

DSCF0836 DSCF0835

We also found a millipede. Normally I wouldn't touch one but I let it crawl on my hands. It feels pretty cool.


On the whole way through we were thoroughly harassed by mosquitoes and flies. And if the Pup and I had balls all three of us would have sweat them off and left them on the trail. The top of the trail made up for the tough hike up. Seriously, Look at these photos! The Boy said that last time the hawks were circling below the cliff. That’s how high it is. They weren’t there that day. They aren’t dumb assess like us, out and about in the heat.




I loved our hike. I think the cardio from it really made up for me not skating tonight. Work got out too late for that. It also made me feel in a little bit better shape than I thought I was. Except for the really steep spurts, I really wasn’t winded. It was mainly my legs that were screaming WTF. Despite their screaming I powered through it like a big kid. I will be in way more awesome shape though. Now to stop boring you guys. Night! (Well morning, whatever.)

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