May 2, 2011

Weekend Update

So this weekend was amazing. Saturday was a day of Roller Derby. I drove to Fitchburg, MA for a double header against CMRD. The Brutals may not have won, but they fought hard. Then DQ lost by only 2 points. Nail biting and white knuckles were abound.

I seriously can't wait to be voted in to the league. They should be finishing soon. I was itching to leap on the track while I was watching. I <3 my new Derby League. They really have been fabulous at making me feel welcome.

Then Sunday was a day of brush clearing for Rose. I love how my little community helps each other so much. I love her place and I want to replicate a copy of her office. This is why I need a Star Trek replicator. Stuff shows up for free that way.

Now to eat some dinner and keep knitting!

1 comment:

  1. Nail biting and white knuckles … sounds fun! :D And thank you so much for your help. And by the way, one piece of my goal is for everyone to have a homemade apothecary - be it three bottles or three-hunderd - in their home … "an herbalist in every home and an herbal practitioner in every village."

    Hey! Maybe you could knit a Star Trek replicator!