April 24, 2011

Smells like spring

First of all, to all that celebrate, Happy Easter!

Today is just gorgeous out. I've been up since 9ish sitting in my porch enjoying the view. The place we live in has a huge back yard with a small river running in the back. There are trees everywhere and they are starting to bud. All I can hear all day is the water running and the birds singing. The spring smells wonderful. The smell of new life. You really can't beat this.

Last night I tried to get my sewing done but the machine is going excessively slow. I'll have to figure it out. It may just need oil. I'll have to pick some up this week. From where? I don't know. What I did finish was my hair barrettes. They are adorable knit bows. I plan to make more in the near future. Below is a basic photo of how they came out.


Now we are getting ready to head to the boy's mother's house. It will be a nice day to hang with family. The nephews are big enough to enjoy the holiday so I'm sure they will have sugar coursing through their veins as they hunt for eggs. Enjoy your time whether it's with family or in your garden. Today would have been perfect but oh well. There are more days of spring to enjoy. Mmmmm....spring.

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