April 23, 2011

Rain rain, go away...

So it's a rainy day here in Kensington, CT. A lot has happened and not a lot has been blogged. *Kafail!*

I went to Niantic for the Rooney Annual Sanity Sabbatical. That means crazy times with some awesome ladies and a constant view of the ocean that looks like this:


I also sewed a napkin and totally need to sew the rest of them. That could very well happen today since I also have a curtain to sew. The reason behind one curtain is that we live in an in-law apartment. Between the landlords and their daughter there are roughly 6 dogs that they own. Two of them are, in my opinion, an equivalent to rodents. They yip and yip forever. The moment we step into our porch they come running and stand at our porch door yapping. A curtain may deter them a bit. If not, I'm putting up a baby gate so they can't stand in front of our door. Charlie tried giving them treats and inviting them into the porch. Nothing has worked. Cross your fingers.

The seedlings are doing fabulous and starting to look like the plants they aspire to be. Squash and cucumbers sprout huge! They are going to take over. We have the dirt and manure ready to be put in the beds as soon as it stops raining. Charlie set up the compost since we finally got the chicken wire. We had to keep it in a bucket till we got that done. That was fine in the cold weather but of course not now.

My knitting project that needs to be finished is the hair barrettes that I made. I knit it all but have not put it together. It's one of my bad habits. I also have a gift to finish and mail. My To Do list is growing. I guess I should get working on it. Toodleloo!


  1. Yes it is. Every room had an ocean view. It was awesome.