January 27, 2011

Word Play Week #1 Done!

So the snow has fallen and we've broken our backs to move it around. Life in RI goes on. :)

The word for this week was Blithe. I had fun with this one and I can't wait to see what you have to show me.
This was the definition that inspired me:

blithe [blaɪð]
1. very happy or cheerful
2. heedless; casual and indifferent

When I thought about happy or cheerful, I went with what I've been thinking about a lot lately. Nature. I'm missing the greens but also appreciating the white and grays. I can't wait for spring, but as I mentioned in my last blog, I enjoy the peace. So without further ado here is my drawing that is a bit more than a doodle. Nature with a bit of make-believe makes me happy and cheerful so I have a blithe spirit because of it.
I added this to the Flickr Group. Hope to see yours either here in the comments or in the group, or both! :)


Medium: prisma colored pencils, prisma black marker.


  1. I wish I can draw. =) When do we find out about the next word?

  2. Thanks guys :) I'm sure you can doodle. Drawing takes practice. The next word will post monday. This time it will be scheduled properly so it will post in the am.

  3. love it! i finished mine, i just need to scan it and upload :)