January 26, 2011

Let it snow...

Yeah, there is a lot of it in RI. You have to inch out of side streets slowly since the mountains on either side obstruct your view.

I really do love the snow though. 


I may whine and complain here and there about the inconvenience, but nothing beats the silence of the streets and your yard because of the way the snow muffles the chaos. 

Its a beautiful and peaceful silence that you usually can't get in the city and suburbia.

I cherish it.



  1. We have a lot in Ohio, too. I like the silence, also. The gray-ness can get me down after a while because we have a lot of it. But I try to make the best of winter.

  2. I agree fully the silence that the snow brings especially in the early morning is great and the beauty of the untouched snow makes me smile..

  3. The hush that snowfall offers really is a beautiful blessing.