October 4, 2010

Very sore, but worth it

What a weekend I had. Saturday was stressful and exciting. I finally got to skate with my Mobsters. We didn't win our bout but we worked so damn hard. The final score was 111 to 136 with the Rats going to the championship. We were neck and neck most of the night. I landed on my butt pretty good on the polished cement. I feel like an old lady when I get up, but I'm a badass old lady! :) I didn't get home till 2am from the after party. I love spending time with the PRD ladies.

Yesterday was a lot more relaxed. I only left the house once to get my ingredients for dinner. I spent the whole day knitting for my commission project and only stopped to cook. Zeus stayed loyally at my side, waiting for attention and keeping me warm. He is so sweet. He's helping me build my light box right now.


For dinner I made a broccoli and cheese calzone. It was sooooo good. It was my first calzone ever. I'm a big kid now! I based it on a simple recipe that I found online.

Broccoli and Cheese Calzone
1 clove garlic
1 head of Broccoli
Romano cheese
Mozzerella cheese
Olive oil
Pizza dough

I chopped up the garlic and threw it in the pan with enough olive oil to spread across the pan. Then I added the broccoli. I sauteed it all till the broccoli was tender. Preheat the oven to whatever your pizza dough says. I put mine at 450. Once that was done, I set the broccoli aside and rolled out the pizza dough. Once I got it to about 12 inches across I laid it out on a cookie sheet. I added a bit of romano and then a bunch of mozzarella to the broccoli. Sorry I eyeballed it, not measured it. After that was mixed well I just plopped it all on the pizza dough and folded the dough over the filling. A few pinches on the edge and it was ready to cook. I left it to cook for 15 min on the timer and checked every 5 min or so to see if it was golden brown enough for me.

Such a good dinner with a minimal amount of work and a great way to end the weekend. Back to working on what will be my next blog post. :)


  1. NOM NOM NOM! sounds delish!

    what a GREAT game! both teams worked so hard and were really evenly matched! so fun!

  2. You should try it sometime, though you probably already have. It was totally a nomnom outcome.

    I had a blast playing with you Miss Bella. I'm looking forward to more awesomeness on the track. :)