July 16, 2010

An intro and a LOL moment

Last night was a fun night. Marsha got to the house for our playdate and snake adoption night. We hauled the very large 55 gallon tank into the house and found a makeshift temporary tank stand. Does anyone have a tank stand they'd like to get rid of? Or would like to trade for a 30 or 40 gallon breeder with a stand? Anyway, we set up Medusa's house in the dining room. She looks quite lovely there. The tank is stable. And I have since spruced things up in there. She has more bedding and I intend to put another temporary hide in there till I get her other one that was forgotten at home.

Anywho, she is a lovely and quiet new roommate who seems ok to put up with stuff. Even annoying cats. Of course Zeus tried going on top of the tank, but he was stopped many times. Bobo (Joel's cat) is more adventurous though. He was on the table while Joel, Marsha and I were chatting. He was looking at the tank from the table like any curious cat would. It then looked as if he was going to jump down to the floor. No big deal, right? Well, he jump down, but apparently his goal was to go in the tank by means of THROUGH the glass. He jumped right off the table and into the side of the tank with his face. There was a *THUNK* and he composed himself all cat like and went to see his father. There was no damage to the cat face.
Marsha and I were laughing so hard we were crying I got a serious workout in the ab region. I can't even look at him without giggling. Bobo is a bit special. I'll never let him live it down

Medusa didn't bat an eyelash. She was warming up in her cave. She really is a lovely and relaxed snake. This morning I disturbed her to tidy up and add more bedding to the tank. She never really got irked. I picked her up so I could finish with the bedding. She's a beefy girl, nothing like the cornsnake* I had. I think she is well mannered and we are going to get a lot of knitting done together. Marsha is going to have to visit a lot since I'm sure Medusa misses her already. Welcome to the family, Medusa! Now to change Bobo's name. Only Greek pet names aloud! ;)

 *The cornsnake and leopard gecko that I had had to be adopted out because at my last apartment the landlord wouldn't fix a window frame, that was practically falling out in the winter, till spring. In the meantime the thermostat was in the room with the leaky window causing the heating bill to go through the roof. My reptiles were too cold to want to eat. =( Jerk.

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