July 24, 2010

Crafts abound

I love being creative. I love making things for me and I love making things for other people who truly appreciate the work. It feels good.

For me first. I was a turtle for one very amusing derby evening. If your friends with me on facebook, or were present at the event, you saw the chaos that happened. It was a great party, but that always seems to be the case with PRD.

For the shell, I found a cheap round pillow and some green fabric. I handsewed the fabric around the shell in a way that formed the ridge found on a turtle shell. Afterwards, I painted the outline of the plates on the shell. I made them too small the first time so I actually had to sew on another piece of fabric before repainting. Darn fabric paint just doesn't come off easily. Oh well. The second time came out great. I sewed on straps to make it fit like a backpack. After that I power knit a hat in about three hours. I finished with time to spare. It's great as a pillow, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it into a real backpack. =)

 As for knit items for other people, I've been working on store inventory. And by store I mean I opened an Artfire shop finally! I really like the site. I'm probably going to go pro soon. It's A stitch in time of course. Took me long enough. The banner is still a work in progress but it suits me for now. The knitting is more important. Below is a sneak peek at the next two items.


I added the details by needle felting wool on. The yellow guy is going to be a case of some sort. I'm so excited to continue him because now I have a SEWING MACHINE! Thursday night I met up with Joni and Vicky for a craft night. Joni was awesome enough to pass on a working sewing machine to me. I had a blast with the ladies. We crafted to my first episodes of Dr. Who. "Blink and your dead!"

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