January 26, 2010

Rollin out

Well I did it! One goal down for the year. I’m now a member of Providence Roller Derby. Tonight I have my first practice as a newbie to the league. It’s been quite the process.

Roller skating/blading is something I have been doing ever since I was little so I thought it would be fun to do something that incorporated it.

The whole process started in October. I went to the roller skating rink by myself and not really knowing what to expect. I bought some old skates off of someone for $20 that were too big. Of course, I didn’t know how real skates were supposed to be yet. I didn’t even know the rules yet, or seen a bout. I just knew I wanted to try this.

I was a bit shaky on quad skates, but I knew my muscles would remember how it all worked soon enough. I couldn’t even cross over yet without wobbling. The coaching staff and recruiting staff were so nice and patient with everyone. We skated around learning basics and then got to talk to them about the league. I was hooked the first time I was on that rink in spite of all the foot cramps I got from skating.

I immediately started to volunteer. It was fun to get to know the girls. I also got to see my first bout. The travel teams were going up against CT and MA. The Killah Bees tried hard but they lost. The Riveters did awesome and won the bout! I was waitressing for the VIPs but when everyone was all set I couldn’t keep my eyes off the bout. It’s so fast paced and high energy. I finally got to figure out how it all worked. I winced when the girls got slammed but I didn’t let it scare me away. I left thinking, I can do this. I bought the gear I needed and dove into the sport.

For months we continued with the recruit clinics, fine tuning our basic skills. I went to practices and scrimmages to keep learning. Eventually we had to do our laps. To qualify for the league you have basic skills and then speed/endurance. We have to do 25 laps in 5 minutes. We only did it two times before the assessment and I got 24 both times. That last lap was just dangling there and giving me the finger as I sat huffing and puffing with my throat on fire from the workout. I was pretty damn nervous at the assessment. I knew I improved considerably from all the time at the rink, but I was worried about that one last lap.

Well, I got on the line. When the whistle blew I concentrated on my form and my breathing, hoping I get my final lap. I got that lap and dragged him around another half a lap, giving him the finger this time.  

With the assessment passed we had an interview with the coaching staff. They wanted to get to know us and find out how we react to certain situations. Damage control I’m sure. Weed out the drama queens and the overly aggressive. From the girls I knew that were interviewing I knew it was going to be a tough choice. There were some really great girls trying out. The interview was more comfortable than I expected. They just asked about me and ‘what if’ situations. I then had to wait 3 more days till I found out. Just ask anyone who was around me, I was so anxious and checking my e-mail constantly. Finally Bunnicula delivered the good news. I’m a newbie and orientation is the first week of February!

Now to deck my self out. I need new wheels and some toe stops I like. Maybe even some new socks, laces and shorts, too. I can’t wait till I earn my name and I can be out on that track during a real bout. Till then, I work my ass off (and a nice ass it will be).


  1. That is awesome!!! I went to my first bout about a month ago and I loved it!! I kept on telling anyone who'd listen, "I want to be a Jammer..." :)

  2. You should totally do it. Check and see when your local league recruits. It's so fun and they will teach you how to skate if you don't know already.