January 29, 2010

Just a bit gross.

See this kitty above? Well last night he started to earn his keep and took a step into man-cat-hood. I was peacefully sleeping when I heard a horrible clanking. It was the baseboard heating cover falling off. I look and there's Zeus looking for something and running out of my room. I got up and fixed it so he wouldn't wake me up again. Before I could turn off the light and fall back asleep he runs in with a little gray victim. He was batting around the mouse as it jumped.

I felt bad but I believe in the cycle of life. I know the little guy could smell my cat and really got himself into trouble. As they both left the room I closed the door. There is another escape route behind the toilet so I didn't feel like I set the mouse up for doom. No way was I having a dead gift show up on the end of my bed.

In the morning I slowly crept out of my bedroom and saw nothing. I thought I was free and clear. Boy, was I wrong. Right next to his water bowl was the poor mouse. That is usually the first place I go to in the morning so I'm pretty sure the placing was deliberate. I carefully got him tied up in a bag. At least I could handle it because I had a snake but it's disturbing when you've seen it running around and alive. I had to uncermoniously throw him out. The ground is too frozen for a proper burial. I'm sure the others are elsewhere talking amongst themselves,

"Guys, Frank went out last night and never came back. I think he may have been dumb enough to check out the third floor." They look ominously to each other, "The beast."

In other news, I knit my first sweater. It may be baby-sized but it's still a sweater. I was proud. I used the pattern 'Daisy' from knitty. I'm making two more for my coworker's grandson along with hats to match. After that I work on my store items. I can't wait to get going with that.

The other day I also found a book to be my future art journal. It's a poetry book which may come in handy as mixed media. I feld bad since it's a good author whose name escapes me right now, but there were other copies so I'm not destroying the one and only. I have my glue, gesso, and even some new water color pencils to get going on it. I'm so excited. =)


  1. Congrats on your sweater! And by the way, it looks SO cute!! I was just telling my friend a few minutes ago how I wanted to knit a sweater but I don't have the patience for it :P

  2. Thank you :) I have the yarn bought for a me-sized sweater but I haven't started it yet. It's hiding in my closet till i get a certain set of needles and the guts to start it.