November 8, 2009


Last night I went to see a play written by a friend of mine. Jon did an amazing job writing it, his mother and friends made beautiful music, and the cast showed off all the work beautifully! The play is called "Nightsong".
Robert is a 300 - year old vampire, who's been feeling off lately. It doesn't help that Vivienne, his eternal lover, has grown increasingly cold over the years; she views humans as little more than a source of sustenance, while Robert still finds them fascinating. However, a new conquest soon catches Robert's eye: Andrea, a naive human who's been widowed for nearly two years. Desperate to be closer to her -- but not wanting to pursue her physically -- Robert calls upon an ancient, forbidden power known as the Nightsong. Using this power Robert enters Andrea's dreams while she sleeps, drawing her fragile mind ever closer to him.

I love when people asked Jon where this all came from he replies, "I made it all up." No grand explanation of his inspiration. Just that he made it all up. *grin*

He really is a great and talented guy. I never will let him forget that I remember him being in 'James and Giant Peach' for All Children's Theater a loooong time ago. He was the caterpillar in a very embarrassing costume he named the poop suit. Yeah it looked that awesome. But of course even at that young age he was great. He was probably only 7 or 8 at the time.

Something else that was really cool about last night was the venue. It's called St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center. This awesome church has the largest fresco collection in North America. It's pretty amazing. The photo below is a taste. If you click it you'll see the few photos I took last night. Now these frescos are very important and require a certain temperature to be maintained. Well, in order to do so it costs $1800 a WEEK to heat this building. This non-profit organization would really appreciate the donations to keep this art safe.

I was in awe of it. The photos aren't amazing because I was taking pictures of an extremely high ceiling. If I was the painter I probably would have thrown up from being that high. There is no way I could do stuff like this. Please set up my easel on the ground. Kthxbye.


  1. Wow, that church is amazing! I do love al fresco paintings in old churches. And your friend sounds very talented. The premise of the play is really interesting. Vampires are so in right now ;p

  2. When I looked for the first time my jaw dropped. the colors are so vivid.

    Thankfully he can say he wrote this before all the hype rather than jumping on a bandwagon=). His family is blessed with musical talent. They are such interesting people. It was great seeing him so happy too.