September 15, 2011

Cars and I are in a fight

So we’ve been having a rough time. We just aren’t getting along. They like to cost me mega bucks. I will have a high credit card balance but I will prevail! I will go to NJ for my away bout and I will someday have my jeep again. We shall be extremely frugal for a while now. Maybe even move to a cheaper place. Such is life.
I’ve come to terms with the money flying out the window, but it isn’t easy. I’m knitting again so I must be ok. I found that if I’m not being creative I’m in a slump. At least I still have derby to give me an aggression outlet.
Speaking of knitting, Over at my Tumblr blog I will be doing a 30 Days of knitting thingy. I will post here periodically with the link but if you are a Tumblr kinda person follow me!
Another update! I could be very well doing a craft fair. I need the money anyway :). it will be hosted by the CT Roller Girls. You really should go to it and even join in on the vending.


  1. Whoo-hoo!!! I live in Fairfield!!

  2. I may be at the NEHA retreat that weekend, but I'm not yet committed. In any event, best wishes with All of It. ((hugs))

  3. BTW … your Tumblr link isn't working. Edit it to:

    Thought you would want to know!

  4. Then you should visit me Miss V!

    Thanks Rose. All better :)