August 23, 2011

Best vacation ever

No seriously, it was. I can’t even stress that more. It was jam packed with win. Here’s how it went.
Day 1: Vaca commenced at 3:30 pm when I left work. I hightailed it to Providence to see the PRD vs Montreal Double header. PRD lost but it was such an awesome derby bout to watch. I was so proud of Small Wonder who played her first bout ever and totally got MVP. That girl squeaked through many tight walls. I wish I could post the photo here but instead you’ll have to go to George Ross’s Facebook to see.
Day 2: Drop Zeus off at the babysitters and prep for Maine. Not all that exciting. Very busy day of errands, shopping, and packing.
Days 3 & 4: Drive to ME and enjoy the company of our lovely friends, Mike, Jen, and family. The photo below is a link to the set of photos from our trip.
Days 4 – 6: Canoe the Saco River with the boy and the pup.
Trip Highlights!
  • Spending time with an amazing family.
  • Our perfect weather from start to finish.
  • The little snake that greeted us and led us to our first campsite.
  • Peaceful rowing along the Saco River.
  • A group of four beavers that worked hard through our second evening right near our other campsite. They were so cute!
  • Having to make car repairs that turned out to be only a hose to replace. Found an inexpensive mechanic after duct taping the crack to make it into town.
Day 7: Driving home after the repairs and totally stopping at Bruised Boutique to score a new pair of skates!!! I also had to pick up a pair of socks (with owls on them), two booty shorts, and laces. Then proceeded to the farm to retrieve Zeus and his new sibling Io.
Day 8: The lazy last day. Ok, so it was relatively lazy. We did a bazillion loads of laundry, Charlie harvested a ton from the garden, we made just over 6 jars of half sour pickles, and enjoyed an episode of True Blood before crashing into bed.
This was the best vaca ever. I spent every waking hour with the boy and we didn’t bicker once. I find that to be pretty awesome since we really only get to spend time together on weekends even though we live together. The weather was great for us. We enjoyed the river and everything it showed us. And we truly got our much needed relaxation. Thank you to all and whatever made this possible. *sigh* Can I retire yet?

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  1. Sound absolutely perfect. So glad you got the respite you deserve! :)