January 30, 2011

Featured Artisan: RememberWynn

This featured Artisan is a special one. I actually made a purchase from. So I'm reporting to you as a satisfied customer! Click her avatar below to see her awesome products. I'm sure I'll be getting labels from her eventually.

So what does she do? She specializes in customizing your handmade goods. She laser engraves and cuts her various mediums for advertising, labeling, decorating, and making your stuff look unique. If you look at her Karma there is nothing but good things said about the work she does. I was happy to add to it.

I recall a while back that someone recommended her to the forum of artisans. After that recommendation, I saw many people posting a lot of nice things about her. I asked her a few questions without a purchase ready and she quickly responded, eager to help me.

A while later I was thinking how much I wanted unique buttons. I would go to antique stores and come up empty handed. Then I happened upon her store again and saw her great wooden buttons. What better than a unique button that also advertises the maker? They look so nice. So I ordered the item and she immediately got back to me asking for specifications. I was given the first prototype. I wasn't completely satisfied with how it looked. I asked for some slight changes and she had a new prototype for me within a day or two. The second one was perfect! She shipped ASAP. If there wasn't a string of three snow storms I'm sure it would have gotten to me pretty quick.

Thank you again to RememberWynn! Thanks for your fast replies and great customer service :) I can't way to use my buttons!

Without further ado, here is her work:

She packages them so nicely!



Zeus tried to help me with the photos.



  1. What a great feature and I loveLOVElove your buttons ~ awesome!